Outpatient Treatment

Licensed Intensive Outpatient Services

For those clinically and medically stable seeking individualized treatment services less restrictive than residential treatment. Our IOP
is also appropriate for persons who have completed residential treatment services who are in need of continuum of care services.

• 3-4 days per week.
• 10+ hours per week.
• Flexible Schedule: Day, night and weekend programming available
• Multi-disciplinary approach of clinical interventions to include:

Therapeutic interventions with Doctorate, Masters and other licensed level professional
counseling staff.

• Psychiatric and Medical Care coordination
• 12 – step program advocates
• Peer support and life skills enhancement
• Gender specific programming
• Trauma support and COPSD enhanced programming

Family education and support services to include family counseling by Doctorate and Masters’ level professionals and other licensed clinicians

Licensed Supportive Outpatient Treatment

A multi-disciplinary approach is designed for those who are in the early stages of addiction but lack the skills necessary for long-term sobriety. This program provides the fundamentals of treatment and addresses relapse prevention needs . It is often utilized as a step down phase for higher levels of care.

• Day, night and weekend programming available
• Therapeutic interventions and programming from 3 to 9 hours per week.
• Care Coordination with our Multidisciplinary approaches licensed clinicians as well as Doctorate and Masters’ level professionals.

Transitional Treatment Program

Developed and designed specifically for patients facing the challenges of transitioning from the protective environment of residential treatment to the stressful demands of establishing successful integration of a newly sober lifestyle. Transitional treatment programming offers, residential treatment discharge collaboration, aftercare and relapse prevention programs, transitional living and support services , continuum of care, 12 step program immersion and recovery advocacy, licensed professional counseling services, and life skills for successful reintegration to sober daily living. Our family support services address the ongoing recovery needs of the whole family.